17. The Kravanewsky/Calitri Property on Field Crest Road and Autumn Lane, 14 Dec 1973, 1.091 acres

Summer 2013. Encroachment on the NCLT's Fieldcrest Property resolved via planting of large maple tree, site cleanup and installation of stone pathway on Land Trust property to allow passage for children of the neighborhood to nearby schools. The entrance is marked with our new Land Trust logo sign.

Fall 2013. Property neighbor Peter Accinno did some tree trimming and cleared storm debris from our 1 acre site. The property is surveyed by Moody & O'Brien and surveying stakes are planted.

Winter 2013. Girl Scout group organized by Laura Tensen and Eliza Haney would like to undertake cleanup of property. They contacted neighbors in August alerting them of increased activity. Brush is being removed and trails are being marked.