24. The Richard and Damaris Colhoun Property on Davenport Ridge, 30 September 1974, 21.067 acres

This 21 acre property is the site of a former dairy farm that continued all the way to Adams Lane. In the southwest corner of the property there is a field that is mowed annually. In the southeast corner there is a pond. The pond continues down a stream that flows northwest and the foundation of an old house is still visible. 

Planting of the Pin Oak Spring 2014. From left to right Tom Cronin, John Geiger, Siw de Gysser, Chris Schipper and Art Berry. 

Seated in front, left to right: Matthew Brand, Elder Johnson, Elder Larkin, plus Anne Miles and Stephen Pinney.
Standing, second row: Charlie Woodman, Asa Miles, Haik Kavookjian, Brad Newton (in red sweatshirt)
Back row: Jeff Brand, David Woodman (behind Haik), Matthew Berger, Peter DeSantis,
Greg Faillaci, Bill Miles

November 15, 2015 
I know all who could not attend are curious how the SLOBs day went today.  It is getting easier to describe with one word.... it was great! We had a mixed group with ~ 12 SLOBs including a mom. Nice to see some new SLOBs as well.

Those NCLT'ers who have held off going by the Calhoun wall until must see what the SLOBs had accomplished. These guys are really good. The wall is 98% complete and with no crushed fingers.  It really looks incredible. It is massively wide and Greg did a magnificent job on the ht to allow drivers and walkers to get some intriguing glimpses of the field as they pass by.  Greg should realize some SLOBs told me they came today simply to work on the wall.

The field was recently cut by Charlie Sheridan.  Charlie goes light on the trim due to his equipment but not a problem when you have SLOBs leader and dad, Chip Newton. Amazing what can be done with a weed whacker. At good looking field now looks better.

I know Chris Schipper is dying to find out if we did any firewood work. It is now all collected in a neat stack by the road. There is a lot of wood.  At this time Chris Schipper has totally cornered the firewood market in CT. Not since the Hunt Brothers went after silver in the late 1970s has a market been so tightly controlled. Hope we are not violating any IRS rules and our 501C3 status.

Leave it to Steve Pinney because we now have a preliminary trail into the back 16 acres. Steve was sensitive to lead the trail as far from houses as possible yet not disrupt the coyote den smack in the back section. Just to tantalize walkers the back section has a magnificent grove of beech trees which have a warm golden brown glow at this time of year. 

I will close with a bit of perspective. Were it not for the SLOBs NCLT could not come close to achieving what has been done in the past several years. They have directed their work into our large properties and allowed them to be returned to public use. On a yearly basis they contribute hundreds of volunteer hours. It is easy to lose track of that.  

All and all a great morning.