Land Trust and CT Trails Day Weekend - Starting Today!!

Dear Land Trust Members,

Just in case you don't have enough activities scheduled for this weekend, please consider taking yourself or friends & family for a walk on our two woodlands today or tomorrow.

The Land Trust, in conjunction with the Girl Scouts of New Canaan, will host walks on the Browne Sanctuary today between 10 and 2pm.  The plan is for the Girl Scouts to greet visitors, supply water and share information about the natural features of the parcel. They will be referring to information from articles written by Penny Ross and Art Potts.

A similar event will take place tomorrow between 10-2 at Symington, where the new walkway and waterfall crossing make a particularly lovely entrance. The fern valley is particularly verdant at the moment....

Attendance is likely to be light - there is much going on today and tomorrow around town - but we might make a few new friends for the Trust especially among the Girl Scout families.

Looks like a beautiful day...