Symington Trails


Yesterday I stopped by the entrance gate to the new Conservation Easement trail on Wellesley Drive. Since Nancy was with me, convalescing in the car (she is recovering from a fall), I could not take the time for a full trek.  However, after only about 50 yards into the woodland I was stunned at the transformation from residential area into complete wilderness.  Moreover, the new path was beautifully engineered, complete with platforms over the wet areas.  I encountered only one other walker in the short time I was there, a young lady and her two dogs, who had done a full circuit.  She was as enthusiastic as I was.

Our family had lived for more than fifty years near this property, first at the corner of Wood Ridge and Wellesley, and then on Greenley at the foot of Wellsley Drive.  Yesterday I could hardly believe how the forest had grown, and the understory filled in, even despite the prevalence of deer.

My guess, and hope, is that this major conservancy site will become a signature wilderness access for New Canaan.  My hat is doffed to you for your proactive role in bringing this treasure into community access.  I can hardly wait to explore it fully.  Thank you.

Bill Sessions