New Gift to the Land Trust on Ponus Ridge

On Sunday board members of the New Canaan Land Trust gathered to walk the latest gift of almost 3 acres to the trust. A gift begun many years ago by the former owners, the Clarks, and completed this year by the current owners, the Fryers, this gift of 4 easements included such diverse wetland habitats of meadow, wetlands, river and pond. It has been shown on the official SWERPA Classified Open Space in light green (Protected Open Space) for many years but before the Fryers took action this land was not protected. 
This panoramic photo shows the approach to the Rippowam River which flows South from the Laurel Reservoir, is fed from Collins Pond and the Mill River under Ponus Ridge, and continues its path to the North Stamford Reservoir and eventually Long Island Sound. The river has been known to flood and deposit a layer of silt over the old bench. Last week it was a nearly dry creek bed before the water company released the waters again. 
Another panorama showing both upriver and downriver water.
The river was diverted many years ago with hand shovels to form the island we see today. Mrs. Fryer stands at the spot where the river splits. 
Land trust board members crowd onto the bridge for a photo. 
The bridge to the island is just wide enough for a small mower. 

A survey showing parcels A, B, C, and D which together equal about 3 acres of the 5 acre property. 

Left to right: Robin Fryer, John Fusek, Penelope Ross, Margaret Fryer, Tom Cronin, Anne Fryer, Chris Schipper and Art Berry. Taking the picture: John Engel.