NCLT Quick Update & Good News

Hello Members,

A quick update on several ongoing programs:

 1) The Invasives Plant Management program is underway at Symington. You may notice lots of cut barberry & euonymous during a walk. We received funding from the USDA/NRCS and have contracted with Bill McKinney of Habitat Restoration Services to complete the job by may 1st, 2015. We have acres of invasives so this will be a long slog...

 2) Tree Stand Improvement on Browne starts Monday. About 60 less desirable trees will be culled. Most of the wood will be placed in wildlife brush piles (volunteers needed) and larger diameter pieces will be cut into 18" logs for future splitting. Again, this program is funded by the USDA/NRCS.

 3) The Eagle Scout Gate Project on Colhoun is done. Joe Peiser & Troop 71 did a nice job establishing a beach head for future development of this 21 acre holding. Colhoun will be the focus of our "Gateways of New Canaan" grant request to the New Canaan Community Foundation led by Penny, Tom & Haik.

 4) Farmers Market Day yesterday was fun & informative. We met many neighbors/future supporters and handed out many membership envelopes. We'll watch the returns over the coming weeks.

 Good News. We received a gift of $12,500 from The Harlan & Lois Anderson Family Foundation to fund our Summer Volunteer Program for the next two years. I've written to the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies to post a position for a summer program leader for 2015. Hopefully we'll get an applicant or two.

 Finally, we have our Board Meeting next Thursday evening, graciously hosted by John Engel at his island house. Siw will send out the agenda and details shortly. Bring your night vision binoculars and hope for clear skies and a calm sea!!!

 Best, Chris