11/14/15 SLOBs Work Day at Calhoun Meadow

Dear NCLTers,

This Saturday from 10 AM to 12 Noon the SLOBs will be working at the Calhoun field at Davenport Ridge. Plenty of parking but carpooling is still a good idea.

We would love any NCLTers to join. Be assured help will be well appreciated. If you have not worked with the SLOBs you will be impressed at their spirit , effort and skill.

On the agenda will be completing the stone wall ( thanks to NCCF, Chris and Penny). That includes moving two huge boulders. Also clearing the western tree line and hopefully completing a trail to the back 16 acres which will be an awesome x-c destination if the Winter of 2015-16 is anything like the last one. Add to the list our ongoing fight against invasive vines which we are winning. >

Personally I would stop by just to see the wall which has been a major project for the 2015 year and only getting better with the soon to be created wildflower ( beta) meadow. Truth be told I am not too optimistic on that succeeding but we must try. What to do with our fields is one of the hot NCLT topics so this will give us some valuable first hand experience.

Please get a good night sleep!!!, Bring work gloves and wear boots/ long pants and the right attitude.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.