Chris Schipper Receives Award from New Canaan Community Foundation

Award: Hands-On MVP 

Awardee:Chris Schipper – New Canaan Land Trust


Chris Schipper has served as chairman of the New Canaan Land Trust since 2013 and has transformed NCLT into an active, vibrant organization through his extreme dedication, enthusiasm and sheer hard work. The mission of the New Canaan Land Trust is to protect open space in New Canaan. A few examples of his hands on Leadership are:


He raised awareness of the group through a colorful new logo, membership drive, signage on properties owned and increased publicity in the local press. Chris was instrumental in opening up trails to the public on two properties long owned by the Land Trust with several more in the planning stage.


He kick started a new round of donations of open land to add to the Land Trust's current land holdings in the town, protecting this land as green space in perpetuity and launched a fundraising drive to purchase a valuable property in the Silvermine district that has been offered for sale to NCLT.


In addition, Chris initiated a series of workshops and other events to educate town residents about nature and the work of NCLT.

In speaking with a current Board member, Chris was described as a "hands on leader" with tremendous energy and has guided the group through a complete metamorphosis of the Land Trust. 


Chris has a four-step approach to the success of NCLT that can be applied to many non-profits: Awareness leads to Activities leads to Membership leads to Donations.


Congratulations Chris on the Hand on MVP Award