The Wyckoffs @ Hawkins Field

Dear NCLT'ers

I wanted to share some photos of Nick and Steve Wyckoff at work yesterday at the Hawkin's property. You may recall the Wyckoffs have generously agreed to co maintain the Hawkins property on North Wilton Road near the intersection with Rt123. Many have offered to do work for NCLT properties they border but the Wyckoffs have been unique in that they do not border our property but in reality live ~ 1/3 mile away. They simply have felt is was an opportunity to contribute to the NCLT and NC. They have been the main pillar of any work done on the property.

Today neither snow not cold could keep them away. Despite winter clearly not being over they viewed today's break in the weather as a chance to finish some long standing loose ends. They tackled and completed taking down causality windfalls from Sandy (yes Sandy... Whow!) which were compromising the field boundaries, devined the property and left a stack of firewood by the road side in a low pile for Chris S.

For people not familiar with the property it is among our smaller and will never warrant a trail but none the less serves as an important part of the ecosystem and adds a dimension of bucolic charm for drivers on NWR as they pass by. The Wyckoffs have done a masterful job maintaining the field with and artful eye to keep the place in its natural state without looking totally overgrown.

Hope everyone who has a chance to drive by and see their efforts.