De-vining Rosebrook

Dear NCLT'ers

Today a small focused workforce (Ray Pacchiana, John and Robbie Fusek) was able to completely de-vine the Rosebrook property excluding the  Sweetbriar appendage.  The project was approached under the urging of John Fusek anticipating that in 3-4 weeks the vines leaf out and the property becomes a morass of ticks, poison ivy, etc. We anticipated we would only be able to complete the frontage on Rosebrook. However, due to the talent and determination of the crew that was hardly the case.  Robbie Fusek shattered the perception that seniors at New Canaan High School who hold an acceptance at a premier East Coast university cease to contribute back to the community. 

For curious NCLT'ers who drive-by  Rosebrook it should be pointed out the vines persist but importantly they have been cut at the bases. It will take years before their tenacious grip on the canopy fails and they fall to the ground.  

Amazingly John Fusek encountered one vine which was over 25 years old based on a quick ring count.  This made me feel particularly good that we have 25 years of growth before things gets back to the current state. I forgot the NCLT bylaws but I do not think any of us will be still allowed on the Board at that point.