Esha Dagli and the Latest from the Browne Property

Congratulations to Esha Dagli who completed her Scout project at the Browne Sanctuary. As people may recall Esha volunteered to place signage labeling many of the salient features on Browne. Her work  culminated this morning with the placing of informational signs at the entrances which will serve as guides to walkers and runners. The signs are very tasteful and similar to what I have seen in Central Park. 

Losing an hour of precious sleep due to the time change did not deter Esha from starting out early this AM to bring the job to completion. Although on the face of it the project may seem small in scale but having personally followed the project from the beginning it was anything but that! Esha researched Browne to identify key features worth highlighting, raised the funds for the project through donations and a Facebook tag sale and designed the signs with consideration of what Will Santora had already begun when he labeled trees at Browne. She then worked with vendors on line and locally to orchestrate the design and see the order through. 

A trip to Browne will do more justice to what was involved and has been gained.