Achieving the Goal of an Interconnected Landscape (May 5, 2016)

This may be a very interesting talk apropos the GreenLink from Irwin to The Nature Center as well as the 2014 Plan of Conservation & Development Goals for Connectivity. Let me know if you might attend and we can rideshare. 
Best, Chris Schipper

Fairfield County Recuonal Conservation Partnership present:

Full Partnership Meeting and Speaker


May 5, 2016


Highstead Barn


Please join me to welcome our premier speaker:


Anthony Zemba, CHMM

Environmental Specialist

Certified Ecologist/Soil Scientist


Who will discuss with us strategies for:


Achieving the Goal of an Interconnected


Improving Biodiversity at Multiple Scales



Anthony will share with us how to create connectivityat the town  level through concept planning, existing greenways, and easements and how our POCD’s should be changed to improve biodiversity and focus on the functions and values of ecosystems. He will also highlight successful regional initiatives and species adaptation in a connected landscape.