SLOBs Work Party at Fieldcrest Pocket Park

Dear Land Trusters,

Here is the SLOBs Work Party on break at the Fieldcrest Pocket Park. Projects including de-vining, clearing an old, stacked wood pile and lining the trail, placing two property line posts with rails, planting two white pines, uncovering and resetting part of a old stone wall, and clearing (some) invasive mustard garlic.

The Fieldcrest Park is looking better. We saw a nice fox den (formerly habited by woodchucks) and gave it a wide berth.

Congrats to Haik and Chip Newton who coordinates the SLOBs.

Participants included:

Chip Newton

Bradley Newton

Mateo De la Vega

Mabel Quezada

Jack Khzouz

Nicholas Khzouz

Campbell Lewis

David Lewis

Holden Hobbs

Diane Hobbs

Daniel Kloud

Joshua Kloud

Best, Chris