2 Barred Owls Released on Livingston-Higley Meadow


This owl release adds a sweat new dimension to a great NCLT property. Thanks for your continued focus to improve LHM.



With the new walkway, trail and rebuilt stone wall - Livingston Higley Meadows epitomizes the Land Trust mission for open spaces, wildlife sanctuaries and scenic beauty. Having two barred owls released as new residents is one of the reasons why we do this...

Among 75-100 visitors were many neighborhood children and families. To a person all remarked at the scenic beauty of this parcel.

On the Land Trust side, Art & Ellie Berry as well as John & Betsy Fusek attended. Regular volunteer Steve Pinney joined too. 

During a tour of LHM Friday evening Dara Reid said the parcel was ideal and decided to release two barred owls - a female and a male. If they take up residence we might nickname them Martina & Ross. We hope to work regularly with Wildlife in Crisis to release more birds, reptiles and mammals on our 70 parcels - fulfilling our wildlife sanctuary mission

All the best,
Chris Schipper